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Maggie suggested I do a tut on whatever you call this stuff.....Cartooning, I guess.....So thought I would try explaining as I go along. It's not meant to be the correct way to do things, just the way I've stumbled along.



I guess first and most important might be to have an idea.
After that it's all down hill. '


So, let's get started with this baseball thingy.....I am assuming anyone reading this has some basic knowledge of PI-6...Open a canvas, white background around 400x400.....Give or take a little, whatever feels good to you.


Using the outline drawing tool, color black, 2-d, line width #1, line style solid....phewwww!! draw a circle about 1/2 the size of the canvas. Convert object type from path to image. Now draw a slightly smaller circle.....same settings except change the line style to the 2nd one. Like this------  Duplicate and position as shown.


Erase the dotted lines outside of the original circle.



Now the fun starts, let's give this sucker some personality!!!
Outline drawing tool again, we need a couple small ovals for the eyes....change from path to image, position these on the top area of the ball........Now another small oval for the nose, path to image again and position as in example. Now erase a portion of the nose and where the main circle goes through the eyes.
' ' '
Wow, are we having fun yet??? Just remember it's going to be a cartoon.....doesn't have to be perfect....Guess we had better finish the eyes and start on the mouth........Make him happy, make him sad???.....What ever you want!


' Let's go to the path drawing tool and make a couple little black  ovals to insert  in the eyes.......Look out now, he's coming alive!!


With the line arrow tool make a couple lines above the eyes for lashes......The mouth is just a couple ovals laid over each other with the smaller one being rotated.........again, make sure to change these items from path to image objects.......erase what you don't need.
' '

Oh, you might want to save the guy as a ufo then size him down....for a simple animation play with the eyes.....more complex......add arms and legs........What ever your little heart desires.......It's your cartoon.

This was done as a fun thing, not a serious minded tutorial.....If it helps one person do one cartoon......animated or not.......oh well.




Duwayne 2001

Animation Station