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"No man is indispensable; but some are irreplaceable"


DuWayne first got me into Cool 3D then later into P.I.6.  We spent hours and hours discussing P.I. and learning from each other.
He helped me considerably...he was a real friend and I'll miss him very much.


DewRain Drops

DewRain Drops


I made this crazy animation for Dewrain back in September of 2001 when I was new to the forum, little did I know this man would adopt this name and use it as his own. After that I never spelled DuWayne (Dewrain)the same.

Later I may this for him but never posted it since I couldn't find the music to go with it. Today I want to post it anyway in honor of him.

His personality was a joy to every one that posted in this forum. Always having something nice to say about everything he saw. I will miss him more than words can say.  He was a true heart warming person with so much to give. A part of him will always remain with us in the cartoons he has shared with us.



The Pool Hall


One of the first things I remember about Duwayne is he and Tom talking "pool shop" in the Animation Station.  Thinking they played pool on the computer,  I laughed so hard when I found out they  cooked up their animation scheming in a real pool hall.  The proof was in their animations and hilarious comments to each other on the board.  Duwayne was a man of few words but when he spoke it always brought a smile and a roaring laugh out of me.

When I think of Duwayne, this is what I always visualize.    Now I don't know what type of pool shot this is, but may you always get that ball in the corner pocket "sir".


He will be greatly missed! On the board, he seemed just like a teenager; hard to believe he is gone. I'm sure the pearly gates will welcome DewRain with a friendly game of pool.


by Kelsey



My heart is really heavy tonight.  A friend that always had encouragement and praise for everyone and a great sense of humor and rascality has left us.  Dewrain had so much to give but just not enough time to complete it. I know that every time one of us that knew him will always think of Duwayne, when we do an animation.  My heart goes out to you Tom who knew Duwayne best.  I'm sure he would want us to keep on animating and pull a prank on each other now and then.

~Gary ~




DuWayne was truly and inspiration and encouragement to many on this board....He will be greatly missed.

~Debbie Hardisty~


The "man behind the camera" is going to be missed by many. What a funny, sharing guy he was and always brought smiles and laughter to so many on this board. God bless you DuWayne.



I'm so sorry to hear that a guy with so much humor and heart is no longer with us.  We are blessed that we had the company of such a nice guy - even if it was for far too short a time.



DuWayne was a constant source of encouragement and laughs to all who crossed his path in this forum -- he will be greatly missed.



"No man is indispensable; but some are irreplaceable"

This is the quote from MY father's tombstone.  May his soul rest in peace, and may our grieving be replaced by the many fond memories that will be cherished!  Duwaye, you'll be missed by us all.....and let's hope you're around in spirit to inspire those of us who are animation-challenged!



He was always there with his clever remarks making us laugh and sharing his talents with us by creating his wonderful animations. Our little community will feel his loss but we are also happy that we got to know DuWayne - he was a delight and will always be remembered that way.



We will all miss his humor, kind words, and terrific animations. This board was a better place because he was a part of it.


I am just devastated.  Duwayne and I were newbies together over on Stephanie's board about a year ago, encouraging each other in such a wonderful way. He did that for so many other newbies too. My heart really goes out to his family and his extended cyber family. Truly a wonderful man who will be sorely missed.



I'm rather new here but I remember DuWaynes nice comments and his humor. My heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.

~Birgit ~


So very sorry to hear such sad news. I too did not personally know DuWayne except through his posts, but his work was wonderful and so was his humor.



What a terrible sad news to hear. He was just like a family here. He was a sweetheart to talk to. He will be missed by all his friends here.



He must have been quite a man from what I am reading.  May he rest in Peace with God's blessings.



With heavy heart I wish you peace Tom, and Duwaynes family. God love you and please accept my heartfelt empathy.



This is sad news indeed. I've only bantered with Duwayne a couple of times, but I did enjoy his posts and animations while I was sneaking around in here.  He will be greatly missed by all of us and please send a heartfelt condolence to his family.



We'll miss ya and your humour Duwayne. Remembering your animation when Gary shaved-off your hair - lol.

As you touch the dew and the rain...Rest in Peace Duwayne



DuWayne's spirit will remain in the Animation Station because he added so much. A great artist with a super sense of humor. He will be greatly missed in the CyberWorld.



Oh, what sad news..... it really is a family here, I feel so sad.



I am so sorry to hear this sad news. Although I did not know DuWayne, I have read many of his posts. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.




Animation Station