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Add Text to an Existing Animation  by

Animated Border    by Stephanie's PhotoImpact Tutorials

Animated Signature Tag (Part I)  by

Animated Signature Tag (Part II)  by

Animating a Photo  by Linda Jacobs

Animation Studio    by Stephanie's PhotoImpact Tutorials

Balloon  by Creations by Dawn

Beating Heart    by Creations by Dawn

Button    by MaCo Graphics

Button Logo  by

Candle  by Free Spirit Graphics

Candy Cane    by My Kartoons

Curtain Plaque   by Rosie Hardman

Drawing a Transparent Eye With Onion Skin  by MaCo Graphics

Gif Animator 4 Mini Tutorial  by PhotoImpact Zone

Halloween Pumpkin    by Free Spirit Graphics

Kaleidoscope    by All In The Image

Lighting Gallery    by Stephanie's PhotoImpact Tutorials

Neon Sign    by FojoMotoMania

Overview of Gif Animator 4   by MaCo Graphics

Simple Animation  by EJ Creations

Type Effect Animations    by Stephanie's PhotoImpact Tutorials

Windmill  by Free Spirit Graphics

Venetian Blinds    by Free Spirit Graphics



Animated Name  by Wishing Well Tutorials

Animation with Sprites    by Tom

Birdbox   by Linda Jacobs

Camera  by Lisa's Tutorials

Creating an .Exe File    by MaCo Graphics

EZ Animation   by FotoMojoMania

Glowing Star    by Creations by Dawn

Grandfather Clock    by Irene's Place

It's Slinky, It's Slinky    by FotoMojoMania

Locket  by Towal Tutorials

Psychedelic Sixties Lamp    by Stephanie's PhotoImpact Tutorials

Rippled Text  by EJ Creations

Snowglobe by Carol Brookbanks Tutorials

Snowglobe    by Irene's Place

Snowglobe  by Stephanie's PhotoImpact Tutorials

Snowglobe Kit    by Stephanie's PhotoImpact Tutorials

Snowglobe Kit    (Gif Animator 3 & 4) by Stephanie's PhotoImpact Tutorials

Snowglobe  (with kit) by Wishing Well Tutorials

Snowglobe and Stand  by EJ Creations

Sparkly Sig Tags  by Kelley's Tutorials

Star on a String  by Kelley's Tutorials

Three Animated Bears by Linda Jacobs

Using Sprites    (snapshot) by Tom C

Venetian Blinds   by Debisty Designs

Waterdrop by Tom

Wrapping a Package    by Tom


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